Reninfra Electricity

Vision for Energy

To grow to become one of the remarkable players in the emerging energy market.

We will:

  • Generate and supply clean and green energy catering to national and international demands in capacity whatsoever.
  • Collaborate with eminent energy players for win-win situation.
  • Build and maintain competent and performance oriented team.
  • Use the best of the technologies and create state of the art infrastructure.
  • Recognize our duty towards protecting the environment and carry out all our business activities in a highly responsible manner toward environment and society.
  • Successfully attain a gross generation of 2000 MW in Nepal alone by 2015.

NEXONE’s Main Energy Business Arms

Independent Power Company Nepal

Established in 2001, Independent Power Company (Nepal) Pvt. Ltd. has technical partnership with a UK based company, Independent Power Plc. The aim of this company is to set up series of hydroelectric generations and other electric infrastructures e.g., transmission lines, substations and franchise distributions. Independent Power Company (Nepal) will generally focus on smaller hydroelectric schemes.

NEXONE Energy Infrastructure

Established in January 14, 2006, NEXONE Energy Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. (NEXONEEI) focuses on power development for domestic needs in Nepal and export to India. The company focuses on harnessing the natural resources the nature has endowed Nepal with, to propel Nepal from the current state of being an energy starved nation to one that has surplus energy to fund her other developmental needs. In order to achieve theses developmental objectives through appropriate business models NEXONEEI focuses on proven mechanism of Public Private Partnerships [PPPs] both with the government and the businesses of international repute.

In the initial phase, NEXONEEI is working on the following sub sectors:

  • Hydropower
  • Biomass to Energy
  • Waste to Energy
  • Energy efficient technologies
  • Carbon Trading

NEXONE was the first company to initiate private sector participation for hydroelectricity generation, electric generation schemes through development of water resource, the only known source of energy in the country under the vision “Generate and supply clean and green energy catering to national and international demands in capacity whatsoever. ”

NEXONEEI focuses normally on medium and large sized hydroelectric schemes of capacities. Such schemes will also attract participation of International power developers and/or investors in Nepal.

Both Independent Power Company (Nepal) Pvt. Ltd. (IPCN) and NEXONE Energy Infrastructure (NEXONEEI) draw their strengths from the group’s conglomerate companies, both in terms of technical and financial management and the domestic and external business networks and associates. They have the best of the talents, tact, tools and technologies in the technical, operational and business development spheres.

NEXONE has always endeavored for green businesses. For us, solar is more than just business. Solar is green, pure and responsible. Solar is the future of energy. NEXONE realizes this and hence keeps its solar wing very near to its heart. NEXONE Solar Pvt. Ltd. now destines to attain its vision of “Solarizing Nepal – Delivering power independent happiness”.

NEXONE solar caters to every energy sector whether it is urban or rural based. It aims at making available and enhancing the power supply across Nepal. NEXONE’s Solar power is applicable to a wide sector of areas – healthcare, communication, telecom, lightening systems, water pumping, agriculture, home, small scale industries, banks, NGOs & INGOs, etc. to name a few.

NEXONE promises the best solar solutions because it comes with a host of benefits like:

  • Affordability
  • Is backed by strong after sales services
  • Delivers prompt warranty replacements
  • Has domain expertise in technology
  • Is qualitative and innovative yet cost effective
  • Comes with hassle free one window service
  • Clean installation
  • Customized service solution